Proof of Reserve
You can get information of our reserved coins via blockchain explorer, which is also a proof of our solvency competence.
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How the Coins Are Kept
By the time users deposit, we, for the safety, send roughly 70% to 75% to our cold storage wallet, and 5% to 10% to the hot wallet for any withdrawal use, while the remaining to a backup wallet, which helps once the coins in the hot wallet runs up. This also means that the coins you see on the blockchain proves 70% to 75% of our solvency competence.
The Purpose of the Address and Total Amount
By theory, the exchange will have due reserve of more than 100%, or else some coins are peculated. Although it's a bit difficult to self-prove our integrity, we'd rather make the attempt. Our customers can supervise the amount in the cold storage with the help of a blockchain explorer, so they can be somehow more certain of their financial safety.
Is the Cold Storage Safe?
Surely it's safe. The cold storage wallets are off line, no crackers can rob any coins from these wallets. Even all our servers were robbed, the coins in the cold storage wallet would be still safe.
Why No RMB Solvency Competence Proof?
RMB has no blockchain, and it's not possible that we show the pin of our bank account. But please have a little faith in us on it that we have over 100% reserve of RMB and that all our customers withdrawn at the same time, we would still solve properly.
Why Only the Cold Storge Address? Why now All of Them?
As a matter of fact, we'd like to publicize all our addresses also, so as to our customers can ascertain that we have more than 100% coins over the total amount of all our users. But, we have more than 100,000 addresses in our wallets of each coin, and new addresses are constantly created. That's the very reason.
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warning:It's rather risky to trade crypto-currencies. Please invest by what you are able to afford.
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