BTC38 Trading API Instruction
You can use API to control your account trading. For your security, please set a IP white list after API application.

My API Public Key

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My IP White List

  • Set a white list means API will refuse all the other IP request. Add a new IP

API Instruction

1、Please read the article《BTC38's API Instruction》, if any questions or doubt, please add our technical staff QQ: 2805792922.

2、For your security please set the white list as soon as possible( , 123.123.*.* and 123.123.123.* is allowed), then can avoid your API be used by others.

3、Please note that there is a default limit of 120 calls per minute. If you require more than this, it is not allowed.

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  • By Volume
  • By Growth
Cold Storage, Google Authenticator
Chinese Enterprise, 10M CNY Funded
Only 0.1% Trading Fee
First Choice for More than 200K Users
Instant withdrawal / deposit
warning:It's rather risky to trade crypto-currencies. Please invest by what you are able to afford.
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