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While you keep your coins on our system, you can get interests. You can earn coins even you don't do any trading.
Coins with Interest
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Service Standard
1, The BTC38 interests is a new service to benefit our customers, who can get all the interests without any extra costs. BTC38 reserve the right to change the interests rate according to our operation status. We encourage out customers to avoid short-term trading.
2, The interests our customers receives comes from our trading fee and POS income. BTC38 don't fake any coins to distribute.
3, The service is in beta version. We'll add more coins to the list in the future.
4, You can get the interests everyday with a few clicks. You can get only them only once per coin everyday.
5, The interest of any coin depend on the its amount you have on our platform(the ones in open orders included). Eg.: You have 10000 TAG on BTC38, then you can get the coins as per the amount.
6, The coins of the interet will be deposited to your account automatically. You can trade, withdraw or keep it to get more interests.
Frequently Asked Questions
1, Q: Why you the coins(Eg. LTC, BTC) I hold are exclusive of the list? It's just unfair!
A: We manipulate the interest system with reference of our operation status. The system is nowadays in a beta stage, and we are considering add some other coins to the list. As a matter of fact, the is now unfairness or injustice, because we give all the interest directly. It's purely a gift.

2, Q: Rate too low. Do you ever considering adjust it?
A: Surely we'll adjust the rate according to our business status. It's actually a way to reward our customers, and encourage them to keep the coins(, instead of doing short-term trading). We'll do our best to adjust the rate, and we also hope that you can understand we can't make it skyrocket high as the high maintenance cost of the company.

3, Q: As you are distributing interest, have you ever reflected that the more coins are on the market, the more selling will be?
A: Just the opposite. The interest system will help to reduce selling. On one hand, the interest encourage more people to hold the coins instead of selling them. On he other hand, all the interest come from the trading fee and POS interest we earned. There are no extra or fake coins. We only send the coins we have to the receiver. There is no increment on the total amount.

4, Q: Why I have to take the interest manually? Can you do a robot for it?
A: A robot means a much larger range of distribution, even to the ones that never use the system, which will take a much high operation cost, hence a much lower interest rate. WE hope that the system is more beneficial to the active users, so we use the manual method so they can get high interest rate.

5, Q: I forgot to take the interest yesterday! How can I take it back?
A: For the same reason as the previous question, the interest can only be taken at the day it comes. We wish that you can come and take the interest everyday as a little gift.

6, Q: How can I calculate the interest I can take today?
A: You can take interest once everyday. The principal is the coins you have when you click to take, the ones in open orders inclusive. It's simple to calculate the interest you can get: just multiply the principal by the interest rate.

7, Q: Do you mind if I buy 1 million coins to take its interest then sell them out?
A: Not at all, if you wish. ^_^
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